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Move Ibiza Radio Showcase is one of the most successful and breakthrough parties ever, which has already been all over the world.
Prepare your venue for some amazing beats and melodies and enjoy the talent from our roster.
Prepare your venue for some balearic beats

From Ibiza to the world
From Ibiza to the world
Music is our life and the radio is our home. We play, we travel, we share the love for music with almost no boundaries. Every dance is a treasure, when words are not necessary. Move Ibiza Showcase represents all this. A concept where the pure essence of Ibiza and it's music can deliver pure joy to any venue of the world. We have the concept, the artists, the soul and even the decoration that will make possible to take the balearic energy to every single spot in the world.
Merchandising Move Ibiza Radio
Gifts and surprise for the all people of the Club Event. A memory of the experience that has been lived.

Musicalization Of The Venue
It is very well known that music is one of the determining factors when it comes to giving an atmosphere and personalizing a space, and it is indisputable that the musical selection process must be careful and professional. Our music selectors are experts who translate and read into the desired emotional experience through music. Whether it´s a hotel, a restaurant, festival, clubes or any public space, they build it on the characteristics of the brand and the profile to achieve the desired atmosphere. Let our skilled experts make a musical design for your space. You just have to relax and listen.
Your Clients in their Language
Personalised integration of the event communication campaign in Move Ibiza Radio’s social media plan.
Move Ibiza Showcase

Move Miami Radio is the reference for the electronic music worldwide. Made in Spain, From Ibiza of the world.

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